Signing in the Moonlight: Nighttime Notary

Sariah Medina 8/22/2023 In the bustling world of notary services, where documents often bear the weight of legal significance, there exists a unique niche known as Nighttime Notary Services. As the sun dips below the horizon and most people prepare for a night of rest, a dedicated group of notaries steps into the shadows, ready to provide their services after-hours.

The concept of nighttime notary services might seem unconventional, but it's an essential group that caters to the diverse schedules of individuals and businesses. Nighttime notaries, like me, offer their expertise during unconventional hours, providing an array of services that include notarizations, document signings, and I9 verifications. Ensuring that legal documents bear the weight of authenticity regardless of the hour.

I9 Verifications and Notarizations Under the Moonlight

One memorable evening, as the clock neared 10:30pm, I found myself driving through the quiet streets of Aurora, Colorado, en route to meet a client for an I9 verification. The client had limited availability during regular business hours and desperately needed me to act at the Authorized Representative to verify his I9. I of course agreed to this "after-hours" meeting, embracing my role as a nighttime notary. Arriving at the designated location, I was greeted by a well-lit building that stood in stark contrast to the dark sky above. The client, who had just finished a long shift, was waiting for me inside. As we exchanged introductions, the client expressed gratitude for my willingness to accommodate his schedule. I guided the client through the I9 verification process, explaining each step and confirming all information. As the final signatures were made and the I9 verification was successfully completed, a palpable sense of accomplishment and relief filled the nighttime breeze. This wasn't my first late night gig. As a matter of fact, the first nighttime notarization I completed was actually at a client's home at 8:30pm. Going inside a client's house can be unnerving, but I made my way to the client's house where I completed ID verification and notarization for 4 signers as well as delivered some documents as I also provide printing services. These clients had a tough time scheduling a time to get a document notarized with 4 vastly different work schedules, but I made myself available and we got it taken care of within 20 minutes.

Embracing the Shadows; Challenges and Rewards of Nighttime Notary Work

Engaging in nighttime notary work comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. The challenges are evident—the sacrifice of sleep, the disruption of personal time, and the logistical complexities of ensuring safe meetings in the dark- especially as a woman (something we got into on my last blog post). However, th e rewards are equally significant. We nighttime notaries have the chance to serve individuals who would otherwise struggle to find convenient notary services. We bring convenience to night shift workers, nurses, doctors, security guards, business travelers returning late, and those facing urgent deadlines. Moreover, nighttime notaries have the unique privilege of witnessing a city's quiet transformation after the sun sets. The hushed streets, the distant glow of streetlights, and the solitude of the night all contribute to an atmosphere that's different from the daytime hustle. This contrast gives nighttime notaries a distinctive perspective on their city, allowing them to be part of a world that many miss while asleep. There is definitely something to be said about seeing the sun set in the beautiful Colorado Mountain sky.

Embracing the Nighttime Notary Calling

In the world of notary services, the night holds its own allure, drawing dedicated professionals to provide their expertise when others rest. Nighttime notaries like myself demonstrate a commitment to making the notarization process accessible to all, regardless of their schedules. Their stories, like the ones shared here, highlight the power of flexibility and compassion in the pursuit of excellent service. So, when the time hits late o' clock and the streets grow dim, remember the unsung heroes who stand ready with their notary stamps, bringing their services to the night. The world of nighttime notary services is an illuminating testament to the diversity of human needs and the adaptability of those who strive to meet them, one signature at a time.

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