Notary, eNotary, RONs? Oh my. Notaries explained

Sariah Medina 3/22/2023 Let's face it, notarization has never been the sexiest topic. I mean, who gets excited about watching someone witness a signature and stamp a seal on a document? But in today's world, where everything is moving at lightning speed, the need for document authentication and certification is more critical than ever before. That's where the notary public comes in, and thanks to technological advancements, we have some new kids on the block - mobile notaries, eNotary, and RON. After all, who doesn't love authentic, legally binding documents? (Okay, maybe a few people, but just go with it.)

Back in the old days (aka not too long ago), if you needed a document certified and notarized, you had to physically visit a notary public at their office. But with all the technological advancements in recent years, new ways of notarization have emerged - mobile notaries, eNotary, and RON. Let's dive in, shall we?

First things first, what even is a notary public? Well, they're a public official who is authorized to certify and authenticate documents. Think of them as the gatekeepers of legit documents. They witness the signing of documents, verify identities, and make sure everyone understands what they're signing. Notaries also take affidavits and depositions, administer oaths and affirmations, and certify copies of documents. You know, just your average superhero stuff.

But let's say you can't make it to a notary's office because you're super busy or you have mobility issues. Enter the mobile notary! They're like the notary version of Uber - they'll come to you. Mobile notaries can perform all the same services as a regular notary, but they charge a bit more because they have to factor in the cost of transportation and their time. Hey, convenience comes at a price, amirite?

Now, let's talk about eNotary. Aka electronic notary. It's like a notary, but with more technology involved. eNotary allows notaries to authenticate documents and certify signatures electronically, which is super helpful for remote notarization. You know, when the signer and notary aren't in the same location. To become an eNotary, a notary public has to receive additional training and certification. They use specialized software and equipment to perform electronic notarization, which includes digital signatures and digital notary seals. Fancy, huh?

Last but not least, RON. This stands for Remote Online Notarization, which is a type of notarization that is performed remotely over the internet. With RON, you can have your documents notarized from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access and a computer or mobile device with a camera. It requires the use of specialized software and equipment, including audio-visual technology and digital signature and seal technology. RON is more secure than eNotary because it requires multi-factor authentication to verify the signer's identity. So, if you're worried about security, RON is the way to go.

Overall, these new technologies have the potential to revolutionize the notarization process, making it faster, more efficient, and more secure. But it's important to note that not all documents can be notarized electronically, so it's crucial to consult with a qualified notary public to determine the appropriate method of notarization for your specific document. Because let's face it, no one wants to deal with legal consequences down the line because they didn't do their notarization right.

So, next time you need a document notarized, keep in mind the different types of notarization available to you. And who knows, maybe someday we'll have notary drones that will come to us no matter where we are. A notary can dream, can't they?

REMEMBER as a notary public, I cannot provide legal advice. Any information shared in this blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. For any specific legal questions or concerns, I encourage you to consult with an attorney or other legal professional.

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