Big News; Updated Notary Fees

Sariah Medina 5/19/2023 It's official: Colorado Governor Jared Polis has just signed an update to the RULONA Sunset Bill (SB 23- 153), updating notary fees in the state! This is a major change for all Coloradans who use notaries and it is important to understand how this new law affects you.  

The current fee structure was set in place in 2010 and had remained unchanged since then, with an in-person fee of $5 and remote online (RON) fee of $10. With the passing of this new bill, those fees have now increased significantly - up from $5 for an in-person service to a flat rate of $15; while the RON services will now cost customers a flat rate charge of 25$.

While it may seem like a big jump, these changes are necessary due to both rising costs associated with providing these services as well as increasing demand for them over time. As such, it is important that we update our fees accordingly- so they reflect current market conditions and provide adequate support for those who offer these essential services across Colorado’s many communities. The importance of having reliable access to quality Notary Services cannot be understated – especially during times when physical contact must be avoided or minimized due health concerns or other reasons beyond our control like natural disasters (or Covid) which can disrupt normal operations within a community or region temporarily but still require certain documents needing verification by licensed professionals who are authorized by their respective states' laws such as ours here in CO. In addition, ensuring fair compensation also helps incentivize more people into becoming trained & certified notary public officials thereby expanding availability even further throughout larger geographical areas. Allowing citizens greater convenience & accessibility is one of my top priorities no matter what form it takes whether through technology advancements like Remote Online Notaries (RON) , traditional face-to-face meetings at local offices or coffee shops etc...

The new fees are more reflective of market rates and help ensure that our valued Notaries get fairly compensated for our services. I know that many people rely on qualified Notary Publics every day across our great state – whether its verifying documents related business transactions or legal proceedings, witnessing signatures, or providing authentication services etc.… So, while any increase might feel inconvenient at times remember why it's being done; to ensure quality assurance & public safety throughout your entire notarization process! With remote online notarization (RON) becoming increasingly popular thanks to its convenience and safety features during the pandemic era – these higher fees allow us to provide even greater security measures than before while ensuring us Notaries continue getting paid adequately.  

I want to take a moment here at Sign with Sariah to congratulate Governor Polis on taking action on this important issue. His commitment towards making sure Coloradans get access to quality legal service shows his dedication towards keeping our citizens safe from fraud or other illegal activities. I know how important it is to keep up with changing laws and regulations, so I'm excited that our governor was able to make this update quickly and efficiently. Thank you, Governor Polis!

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